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Best Sire Genetics Private Limited was established in the year 2014 where we started our production with 4-6 bulls with average production of 15000 doses per month and within a short span of time, now we have achieved production of 80,000 doses per month having 25 adult bulls and 33 young bulls (rearing stock) of superior quality. The main objective was to provide the farmer’s top quality semen from proven bulls of best breeds.
Best Sire Genetics deals in all type of frozen animal semen. We have a Bull mother farm since 2010 where at present; around 100 cows of various breeds are kept with state-of-the art facilities and experienced caretakers where we monitor the conception of our bulls for internal testing purposes. Our field trail results have shown that we have been achieving conception ratio of 50 to 60%.
We have targeted production of 3 lac doses per month in the near future. The semen production facility has been strengthened to meet the future requirements by necessary renovation of Bull Sheds, Semen Collection Arena, Semen Processing Laboratory, Office building and other allied civil structures. Present Semen Processing Laboratory is fully equipped with modern imported equipment conforming to latest semen processing technology from Minitub (Germany) and IMV (France).
A Quality Control laboratory has also been established and equipped with all necessary infrastructures and technical manpower to further strengthen our facility.
The promoters of this business are from a well known business family under the mother brand umbrella of Liberty Shoes Limited, which has a household name across India. The promoters are well qualified and have rich experience in manufacturing and marketing sector. With their expertise and leadership qualities, Best Sire Genetics was set up to provide the farmers and the dairy industry in India with the best products.
Our supply chain is spread all over India and we are getting repeated orders from our valued customers only due to unmatched quality, timely delivery of disease-free semen conforming to International Standards by adhering strictly to laid down Minimum Standards Protocols including the bio-security measures. Our supply chain network is expanding day-by-day in India and customers are very happy and satisfied with quality of our frozen animal semen.
In India, a number of reproductive technologies have come into regular use with noteworthy results and we feel that particularly with the frozen semen, superior gains are achieved by maintaining high genetic merit bulls at our semen stations and producing quality semen doses. This enables us to provide the customers with good quality Pedigree semen, which is lacking in India.
We believe that to improve the genetic potential of animals requires selection and production of High Genetic Merit bulls mostly from the indigenous breeds and a few from exotic breeds. Production of good quality disease free semen and effective Artificial Insemination services are keys to a successful genetic improvement. On both these counts, efforts are being made to improve and upgrade the quality of semen stations.


We are equipped with experienced, expert professionals and best technicians who are fully acquainted with knowhow of Semen technology. Our team consists of following


We are equipped with top of the art facilities and specialized machines from Minitub Germany, IMV France, state of the art Microscope from Nikon, Type-1 Water purification systems for best quality of water for semen processing. Having separate Bull shed spread in a large area of around 20 Acres land with almost all facilities for Bulls to make them happy and healthy. The Bull sheds are made in consultation with renowned Architects, Veterinarians and Scientists from NDRI which are state of the art sheds to provide our bulls comforts of all levels.


We ensure that our products surpass all the quality parameters of the internationally established guidelines, which top class producers are adopting under strict quality control methods. State of the art equipment are being used by us to monitor each and every step of production. We adopt stringent quality procedures and parameters during production. A separate quality control team is in place apart from the expertise of experienced professionals where all the tests are performed which are required to maintain high standards for semen production. We make sure and put every effort to provide only the best quality bovine semen to the farmers and the dairy industry. Our lab technician process the collected semen which includes evaluation, extension, cooling, packaging and freezing. After processing, the frozen semen is quality checked and our Quality Control team ensures that each straw of semen meets the organization's standards for hygiene, identification and quality.


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We get our bulls tested for diseases every 6 moths where all bulls are tested for diseases as per International standards from IVRI, Bareilly and all test reports are deeply analyzed to prevent diseases. Bio-Security measures are taken to have disease-free shed for our bulls where the manpower are also tested timely for transmittable diseases. Restriction of vehicle movement is routed by designated parking slots away from the farm.
We test out bulls not only for transmitted or acquired diseases but we also test them for Karyotyping and Genotyping where we make sure that they are free from Genetic defects also.
Up to date records are maintained for vaccinations and medications to prevent any risk of diseases.


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